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Company Profile

Professional and trustworthy

Avaq Semiconductor Co., Limited is a global semiconductor electronic components supply chain company, we have been focusing on the semiconductor industry for 10 years, leading 10,000+ technology manufacturers & service providers to innovate and move forward, and are certified to ISO 9001:2015 international quality standards and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Standard.

We are committed to keeping up with the ever-changing market and demand, and have built up an unprecedented supply network of world-renowned electronic chip manufacturers and authorized agents; through us, we can bring your electronic chip needs in line with the global electronic component market, and provide you with the latest market information.

  • Services for technology
    manufacturers & service providers

  • International quality
    standard certification

  • Environmental Management
    Standard Certification

We believe that development is the only driving force for business progress. Since our establishment in Hong Kong in 2013, our business scope has expanded from the original semiconductor-related electronic chips to most electronic chips, providing electronic chips material supply to customers of varying sizes in every corner of the world, no matter what part of the life cycle your product belongs to, as long as you have material requirements, AVAQ have a dedicated marketing and procurement team that can plan ahead to respond to rapidly changing market fluctuations and provide cost savings and shortage resolution for our customers.


The manufacturers/suppliers we work with are located in many regions around the world, and have entered into long-term friendly cooperation with more than 1,000
suppliers, providing customers with more than $700 million worth of electronic chips.

  • infineon
  • intel
  • cypress
  • ti
  • onsemi
  • nxp
  • microchip
  • renesas
  • panasonic
  •  t

In addition to manufacturers and agents, there are many independent traders in the market, among which there are also many unscrupulous merchants who sell refurbished and counterfeit materials, infringing on the interests of genuine traders and buyers, which we severely condemn. As a trader, we don't trade for the sake of completing transactions, we want to make trustworthy partners and grow with them to become a company with a good reputation.

Our Advantages

Professional and trustworthy

  • Lower Prices

    Lower Prices

    We reduce your purchasing costs through forward-looking purchasing plans at lower prices.

  • Strong Source Of Goods

    Strong Source Of Goods

    Based on our strong supply chain, when customers need to purchase obsolete or scarce parts, they only need to provide a bill of materials and we will provide a customized solution.

  • Consistent Quality

    Consistent Quality

    By building a professional quality inspection team, we can test the quality of the goods we sell to meet the standards and identify forgeries.

  • Sincere Service

    Sincere Service

    In order to improve your purchasing experience, we have launched a 7*24-hour round-the-clock consulting service and a 365-day after-sales guarantee service.


The Secret of Success

Quality is an important parameter that distinguishes AVAQ from its competitors. In order to ensure the quality and authenticity of our goods, we have built a professional quality inspection team and a perfect and standard inspection program; all goods sold by our company must go through a strict and industry-standard inspection process; for this reason, you can rest assured that you can choose us, and only if you trust us can we provide better service to you.

Our Mission

  • Integrity

    Integrity is the foundation of our company, credibility is accumulated little by little, and breaking credibility often requires only one fault, an honest transaction is ordinary and precious

  • Responsibility

    As a responsible company, being responsible for our customers is also responsible for ourselves, so we provide 365 quality guarantee for our goods sold, in addition to 30 days of after-sales service.

  • Mutual Help

    With the development of globalization, the concept of friendship and mutual aid has been elevated from national to global; in recent years, natural and man-made disasters have occurred frequently in global regions, and AVAQ, despite its limited strength, has actively contributed its share.

  • Ownership

    Ownership is an important concept in our company, we not only advocate our employees to work with a sense of ownership, but also require our employees to use the sense of ownership for the sake of customers, to think about problems from the customer's perspective and provide solutions

  • Sustainability

    AVAQ supports environmental protection and advocates sustainable development of resources, requiring its employees not to waste water and electricity resources, to use recyclable materials for product packaging and to require high standards of ESD safety.

Our Corporate Culture And Honor

Avaq's Corporate Culture And Honor Avaq's Corporate Culture And Honor Avaq's Corporate Culture And Honor Avaq's Corporate Culture And Honor Avaq's Corporate Culture And Honor Avaq's Corporate Culture And Honor

Our team is not only focused on individual success, but also on the success of the entire team. We believe that only when the goals of the entire team are achieved can individual goals be truly achieved.

We strive to create an inclusive, equal and open work environment where everyone can realize their full potential and feel valued.

We have successfully won various honors due to our excellent market performance, industry influence and strong support from our partners and customers.